Reflection Analysis of Resilient and Sustainable Research and Publication Activities at the National University of Science & Technology, Oman during COVID-19


  • Sumaiya Al Kindi
  • Priy Brat Dwivedi
  • Maryam Ali Suliman Al Subhi
  • Sharifa Al Harrasi
  • Jasim Mohammed Sulaiman Al Balushi


COVID-19; performance indicators; remote access; resilient and sustainable; research publication


COVID-19 restrictions badly impacted research activities in universities across the globe. This paper aims to reflect on resilient and sustainable research and publication activities related to undergraduate and postgraduate students and funded projects at the National University of Science & Technology, Oman. This study employed structured interviews with 32 staff members of the 3 constituent colleges of the university under study who supervised undergraduate and postgraduate student projects, and 7 staff members who supervised funded projects during COVID-19. Responses were recorded using pre?coded interview forms for better and faster analysis. Borton’s reflection model was used for reflective analysis. It was found that, in response to the restrictions implemented, most of the students’ projects were quick in response and changed from experimental studies to online case studies and that objectives were modified. No student project was delayed due to these modifications. Supervisors found online supervision useful and appreciated the university’s support in terms of library access and remote access to lab software. Furthermore, regarding the funded projects, they were completed with success without needing to change the objectives. The findings of this study may be useful in designing suitable staff training, communication strategies, and internal processes for research grant approvals, and for use in preparation of sustainable practices in university research activities.


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